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    Understanding Your Legal Options

    Learn about your rights in Las Vegas if you’re injured on the job. Can you file a civil lawsuit? Discover the legal pathways available to you if you’ve been injured in the workplace.

    When you’re injured on the job, it can be a time of immense stress and uncertainty. You may be facing a long recovery, mounting medical bills, and the anxiety of lost wages. In those situations, it is important to understand your legal options. Workers in Las Vegas often wonder whether they have the right to pursue a civil action in addition to, or instead of, a workers’ compensation claim. In this blog, we’ll explore the circumstances under which you can bring a civil lawsuit for workplace injuries in Nevada.

    Understanding Workers’ Compensation in Nevada

    Nevada’s workers’ compensation system is designed to provide benefits to employees who are injured at work, regardless of who was at fault. This system covers medical expenses, a portion of lost wages, and rehabilitation costs. However, it also generally prohibits employees from suing their employers in civil court for damages related to those injuries.

    Exceptions to the Rule

    While workers’ compensation is the primary recourse for job-related injuries, there are noteworthy exceptions where a civil lawsuit might be possible. These exceptions include:

    • Intentional Acts: If your employer intentionally caused you harm, you might have the right to file a civil lawsuit.
    • Third-Party Claims: If a third party (not your employer or coworker) is responsible for your injury, you may sue that party. For example, if you were driving for work and another driver caused an accident, you could pursue a claim against the driver.
    • Defective Products: If your injury was caused by a defective product, such as machinery or equipment, you might have a product liability claim against the manufacturer.
    • Toxic Substances: Exposure to toxic substances may give rise to a toxic tort lawsuit if the manufacturer of the substance did not provide adequate warnings.

    Navigating the Legal Landscape

    Determining the best legal path following a workplace injury can be complex. It is important to talk to a personal injury attorney who understands the intricacies of Nevada law and can advise you on the merits of filing a workers’ compensation claim versus a civil lawsuit.

    Building Your Case

    If a civil action is viable, evidence becomes the cornerstone of your case. You will need to prove negligence, causation, and the extent of your damages. At Miller Personal Injury Attorneys, we can help gather the necessary evidence, including witness statements, medical records, and expert testimony.

    The Role of a Personal Injury Attorney

    A skilled personal injury attorney can be your advocate, fighting for your rights and ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve. In Las Vegas, where the legal system can be as dazzling and complex as the city itself, having the right attorney by your side is crucial.

    How Miller Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help

    If you’ve been injured on the job in Las Vegas, you may feel overwhelmed by the options and regulations surrounding your injury. While workers’ compensation may be the typical route, under certain conditions, a civil lawsuit could be appropriate. 

    If you or a loved one has been injured on the job in Las Vegas, contact Miller Personal Injury Attorneys to schedule a free consultation. We will help you understand your rights, make sure your rights are fully protected, and guide you through the process of securing the comprehensive compensation you are entitled to.

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